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The term Customer in these Terms and this Agreement refers to the person(s) who placed the order or agreed to a proposal with Old North State Tours LLC. and the person whose credit card was used to make the purchase. 

The term tour/activity is used herein to refer to services, tours, tickets, transportation, performances, or activities that Old North State Tours LLC. offers. 

Duration of tour/activity hours is approximate. 

On many of our tours we take photographs and or video of the event. You agree to allow Old North State Tours use said photographs and video in its marketing efforts in written, print, or electronic media such as our website, social media, etc. If you do not wish to be included in such photographs or videos, please inform us at the outset of the tour and we will accommodate you. 

Old North State Tours LLC. reserves the right to alter, modify, or cancel a tour/activity due to traffic, bad weather, unsafe conditions or at the request of governmental, park, or state agencies. 

Old North State Tours LLC. is not responsible for delays or service interruption due to mechanical failure, accidents, traffic congestion, acts of God, or other circumstances beyond Old North State Tours LLC.’s control. 

Old North State Tours LLC. is not responsible for lost or stolen articles left on board any form of transportation used on the tour/activity.

Any claim for a canceled tour/activity shall be limited to refund of ticket price and service charge paid by the Customer. Such a claim must be filed within 30 days after the tour/activity was to have occurred.


All transactions are conducted in U.S. Dollars

All services/tours/activities/tickets must be prepaid at the time of booking by credit card (preferred), personal or business check, or cash (exact change). 

If Old North State Tours LLC. is unable to obtain authorization with the credit card submitted, the customer will be notified by the system.

Old North State Tours LLC. is a retailer of booking services and sets the prices for the services/tours/activities that it sells. Service fees are included in the tour cost. State tax is NOT included in the quoted price. By placing an order with Old North State Tours LLC., you are accepting Old North State Tours LLC.’s prices for the services Old North State Tours LLC. provides. 

If paying for the tour/activity with a credit card, Customer is hereby stating that the Customer is the authorized cardholder or that Customer has been authorized by the cardholder to use the credit card. In the event that the credit card is dishonored, rejected, or later contested for any reason, Customer agrees to pay the amount charged for the tour by another means. 

The rates shown on the website or quoted to the Customer are Old North State Tours LLC.’s rates and not the rates of any other entity. 

BASE TOUR COSTS are shown on the website. Meals, lodging, site admission costs are NOT included in the base tour cost but can be added to your final tour cost based upon your responses in the Request a Quote form. 



Abusive or Disruptive Behavior- At the sole discretion of Old North State Tours LLC., any guest deemed to engage in abusive, racist, sexist, or disruptive nature during a tour or activity will be warned once that their behavior must cease. If a guest continues the abusive or disruptive behavior, the guest may be removed from the tour or activity and there will be no refund. Should the removal occur some distance from the tour or activity’s origination point, the guest will be deposited at a safe public location and will be responsible for providing his/her/they own transportation back to the origination point. 

Intoxication- In the sole discretion of Old North State Tours LLC., any guest who appears to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs may be prohibited from the tour or activity. Intoxicated guests will not be allowed to participate in the tour or activity and no refund will be issued to them. If any of their companions choose not to take the tour or activity, they too will not receive a refund. 

Illegal Activity- Illegal activity of any kind by a guest will result in the same removal as abusive, disruptive or intoxicated behavior. If necessary, law enforcement will be notified. There will be no refund to the offending party. 


Old North State Tours LLC. makes no racial distinctions whatsoever. There is but one race, human. Regardless of your gender, ethnicity, nationality, religion, or sexual orientation and identity, ALL ARE WELCOME. 


Old North State Tours LLC. is a registered LLC with the state of North Carolina, and we take special care to keep all or our participants out of harms way at all times. We are fully-insured for all of the activities that we offer. However, there are inherent risks involved in activities that we may partake in, and we are not always able to control all of those factors. With that in mind, please be aware that you, the participant, are assuming the responsibility for your actions while on our trips and will in no way hold Old North State Tours LLC. responsible for any loss, damage, injury, or claims whatsoever arising from, connected with, or related to any activities engaged in by guests while on our trips or in our vehicles. You will be asked to sign a General Liability Release Form on the day of the tour or activity. 


Old North State Tours LLC. are in compliance with the State of North Carolina’s Standard Course of Study. 

Fourth Grade North Carolina Geography and History Standard Course of Study and Eighth Grade North Carolina: Creation and Development of the State Standard Course of Study are covered. 

High School American History I & II and A.P. U.S History Standard Course of Study are also covered. 

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